the sculpture

The Camino de Santiago is a wonderful experience that accumulates along the way good and bad moments and these moments are represented in irregularities of this unique sculpture.

These irregularities represent mountains and trails that are made with effort. They symbolize the weariness and pain, but also the help, respect and affection experienced along the Way.

The Camino adopts in this sculpture a circular shape, expressing on one hand the movement, the Pilgrim’s walk, and on the other hand, the circle represents the infinity, the universalization of the Camino.

Some identical notches appear along the Corten steel tape. They point out the different stages of the Camino de Santiago, and in the beginning of this tape we see the Cross of Roncesvalles, as the starting point chosen by many Pilgrims to start the Camino.

We must emphasize the difficulty of execution in this work, by bending the Corten steel and not presenting one single weld. It seems that the tape of the trail could unwind to introduce the Camino. This print represents the desire and nervousness of the path left to go.

Also noteworthy is the ancient typography pedestal, where the title of the work is indicated, represented in the same way in many ancient documents, “ESTELA DL CAMINO”.

At the end of trail, in the center, we find nothing. Only the emptiness that each pilgrim fills in his own way, with his history, his experiences and his walk.