the edition

As a result of the interest generated after the opening of the sculpture in Roncesvalles, the Artist proposes the creation of a series of multiplex following the same form of metal working as in the beginning of the Camino de Santiago.

The craftsmanship of the Forge, no longer used, was not a problem as Navarre has one of the few workshops that still works with the same techniques and tools inherited by generations of skilled craftsmen.

Working with the fire gives the work a special character and brings the personality and warmth that noble materials retain.

Author: Faustino Aizkorbe
Year of production: 2013
Dimensions: 23.62 x 11.81 x 14.96 in.
Material: Corten steel. Granite.
Weight: 66,14 lb. approx.

Limited edition.
Single Work (1-9).